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VE Paddles Voyager Aircore Carbon Blade on a Cranked Carbon Shaft

  • 698.00

Light, powerful and efficient the VE Voyager Aircore Pro Carbon Paddle on a Cranked Carbon shaft offers a light weight very high performance paddle with a nice flexible shaft as prefered by most sea kayak and touring paddlers.

This high aspect low angled sea kayak paddle is perfect for sea kayaker's and touring paddlers who are either out all day putting in the miles or just taking it easy.

The tip of the paddle blade has a relatively low area providing a very smooth gentle catch, the blade gets wider towards its middle allowing the power to build through the stroke once the kayaking is in motion.

Due to the blades asymetic shape and flattended off tip it also serves well as a high angled paddle.

The Aircore provides good bouyancy and support whilst in the water but still has a press moulded edge making it extremely easy to slice through the water and incredibley robust.

VE paddles durability has been proven for many years within the white water sector. 

The cranked carbon shafts geometry allows the wrists to be in neutral alignment thus reducing fatigue; the carbon construction offers plenty of power transfer ideal for paddlers who want maximum performance.

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