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"The Solid" by Wattier Paddle Co.

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The Solid paddle has been used by many for hundreds of years. From the indigenous people of Canada to the first European explorers, the one piece paddle is classic. The solid paddles come in Cherry, Ash, and Walnut and feature a long deep water blade. Amazing for cruising in your canoe.

Wattier Paddles take a month from your order date to arriving at your door. This is because a lot of dedication and care goes into creating these works of art . . . Trust us it I see worth the wait!

This Product is on a made to order basis.

This Product is subject to variable Shipping Costs.

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A little about Wattier Paddle Co. . . .

Wattier Paddle Co. started out with a love of woodworking, a passion for canoeing and the outdoors. Each paddle is crafted out of 100% Canadian wood and is hand made every step of the way. They are lovers of the great outdoors and dedicate themselves to making the best products possible. They have a strong environmental responsibility, they respect the materials they use to make the products and the environment they are used in. Wattier also have a great respect for the indigenous people of Canada, who without we would not have the paddle, canoe or much of the camping culture we enjoy today.

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