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Paddler's Box


Let us take you to a time where you found Flow, the sound of water rippling as your paddle glides effortlessly through the blue. The smell of nature filling your lungs with every breath and the feeling of pure Flow running through your veins . . .

For the Love of Water is not only our slogan . . . It's a way of life!

Let us introduce you to the WaterFlow Paddling Club Gear Box!

Here at WaterFlow Paddling, we paddle! We paddle evening, weekends and in our sleep. We use the equipment we sell and talk to the community about how they use different types of equipment.

Since we we have our ear to the ground and hands on equipment, the natural progression is to get that gear in the hands of paddlers and send out a box of awesome products to you, every 90 days.

In each box we will surprise you with pieces of super handy gear . . . plus the priceless value of a membership to the WaterFlow Paddling Club.  


You as what is the WFPC?


Not only will you be getting quality paddling gear at a fraction of the retail price, you will also have private access to our digital world. A personalized email is sent to our members with exclusive offers, videos and opportunities every quarter when the paddler's box hits the mailbox.

What's Inside?

Once you have chosen your ideal Paddle's Box for you, every 90 days a package is constructed with you and your paddling in mind. 

In each box you will find:

  • As much equipment as we can jam in the box for the chosen $ retail value. This ranges from throwbags, to bilge pumps, to Navigation, to fire starters. 
  • An invitation to our WFPC private community where you can hang out with other adventurers (first box only)
  • Some surprise goodies

Paddlers Box


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