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Here is what people think of us . . .

Andre Lariviere: "The “First Time on a River” course lead by Josh was an incredibly inclusive atmosphere that was both challenging and incredibly rewarding for paddlers of varying abilities. The emphasis was placed on “Learning by Doing” with one to one verbal feedback and instructional demos provided throughout both days. There was an excellent assortment of very well maintained kayaks, and there really could not be a more visually stunning place to learn! Josh and his team were incredibly professional, passionate, and kept the good vibes and humor going all day! Thanks, Waterflow!!!"

Carl Boyle: "I had a great time and what was most obvious was how safe this learning environment was. Thanks guys"

Alex Khrissanov: "Everything was fine, it was a lot of fun and I must admit that since I took the course, I got comments from several people on my improved paddling abilities. I do feel that my abilities improved, indeed. It is understandable that for courses beyond elementary beginners training, it is hard to have a program that is custom fit every participant due to slightly different skillsets. At the same time, the instructors definitely worked hard on challenging every participant with personally tailored tasks. Everyone had an opportunity to improve his own level.

The only wish: you guys need to come up with further courses."