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One to One Coaching

  • 78.75

A one-to-one course is a fantastic way to get some time develop your personal skills and confidence.

We offer a personalized product just for you! Challenging your ability and showing you new ways of thinking when it comes to your skill set.

Whether it is an eddie turn you are struggling with, paddle placement or having dexterity in your core movements we can offer you the structure you desire to facilitate your learning process.

Our prices for class II/III whitewater are as follows:

  • 1 hour - $78.75 including GST
  • 4 hours (half day) - $315 including GST
  • 7-8 hours (full day) - $630 including GST

N.B: The price is subject to change depending on ability level and change in difficulty of Water

Email us today with what you would like to develop at  

For the Love of Water . . .

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