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CHAWEL is more than just a towel.

Chawel has a use for every type of adventure. From towel to neck pillow while traveling, or a blanket at the beach at sunset after surfing, to an extra liner in your sleeping bag while camping or hosteling, and a changing room when you need a quick change in public. Designed for portability and functionality.

The Sport LX works best for lighter, space saving trips and sunnier/warmer destinations. With 2x the amount of surface area for drying off, the Sport LX is almost 4x the towel than many other travel towels on the market, and with 5x the functions.

  • 100% polyester
  • Double sided quick dry
  • Quick drying
  • Zipper pocket (Chawel stuffs into itself)
  • Chawelers choice armholes

*To open the armholes, just cut the thread in the 12″ seam between the 2 horizontal stitches. This seam is along the side, at the end towards the head hole.

Do Not cut beyond the horizontal bartack stitching.


Towel: The Sport LX is all towel, both sides. It packs small and dries faster.

Neck pillow: may require a bit of extra folding to make it more comfy, as it DOES NOT have the extra fleece cushioning of the Hybrids.

Sleeping bag/liner & Blanket: great for warmer weather locations. If you want warmer, check out the Hybrid & Hybrid LX collection

Changing Room: Works the same as all other Chawels.

The LX series have the Chawelers Choice armholes. This means, you decide if you want to open them up (both, or just 1) by snipping the seam between the bar tack stitches. This is 1 of the new additions that make this LX model great.

Zipper pocket. The new pocket is larger and zipped. This new size allows the LX to stuff into itself for another pillow use, or to carry.

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