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Why learn what you need to? . . .

Posted by Josh Askew on

Welcome to the glorious spring. Here in the lower mainland, we are in full swing of our spring paddling season; scouting the old runs for any winter dangers and getting back into the flow of the rivers. We have dusted off our canoes and ventured out on the local and beautiful Buntzen Lake, which is truly an amazing place to learn the basics in either kayaking or canoeing.

This last week we have proudly begun our courses in kayaking and canoeing with some one to one sessions and a beginner roll clinic. This has made us pose the question of why take a course at all? Why spend the money and time learning the skills and strategies behind your hobby and sport?

Here is our opinion at WaterFlow Paddling. We believe that learning the fundamental skills and strategies to overcome the struggles of the sport is vital to becoming a confident and competent paddler. Learning the skills helps us develop into whichever discipline you desire and safely challenge your future paddling career.

To learn the skills necessary to paddle a river, set off on the ocean or multi day trip in a canoe takes time, devotion and a lot of hours pulling those simple strokes through the water. An Olympic athlete does not become a gold medalist without grinding every second of every day; when it hurts they work, when they are tired they work, when it gets tough they work. We are not saying become an Olympian, all we are offering is an analogy which depicts that we all should put hours into our sport to become proficient and confident.

This kindly links to the next section of this blog post. Paddling is amazing, we all know that, but paddling whether it be in a kayak, canoe or stand up paddle board requires a little more than just putting paddle to water. It is a state of mind, an understanding of the wilderness and environment we put ourselves in, survival techniques for when we get into sticky situations and selecting the correct team to enjoy paddling with. Preventative measures whatever they may be are always better than the cure of the problem.

Here at WaterFlow Paddling, we offer a diverse range of canoe and kayak courses in a multi-discipline orientation. River, flat water and sea. Sign up for a course and let us show you how fundamental skills and an understanding of what is needed to be an effective part of a paddling team is all about.

Thank you for reading and don't forget we are here to help you develop into the paddler you strive to be.

Until next time,

Josh Askew, Owner art WaterFlow 

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