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Where it all Begins . . .

Posted by Josh Askew on

Learning to Paddle is the best decision we have ever made. Whenever we dust off the kayak or jump in a canoe we are making a commitment to ourselves. To follow your passion or a strong some say your calling, is doing something that some people dream of. When the boat glides into water and you take that first paddle stroke it has the effect of making the world disappear and you become at one with yourself.

Learning to paddle comes many different styles. Maybe you will just jump in a boat? Maybe join a club? Well we believe taking a professionally instructed course is vital when learning how to break down certain skills and development. Here at WaterFlow we begin the journey into paddling with our Where it all Begins course. This course provides the knowledge you will need and the fundamental skills required to start your life's on the water and journey to the Flow.

Progression into kayak rolling, foundation safety courses, 1st aid, white water courses ano expedition paddling all starts with fundamentals.

Finding a professional to teach you something can be hard, but if you do not thing is certain, you will never know. Contact us to discuss your next training course and where you can progress in the paddling world. 

The snow is still here, but the paddling season will Ben well underway for everyone in a matter of months. Being prepared for the 1st day on the water is paramount to a paddling season. Make sure to join in yr local pool session ano support your local clubs. Dust off your equipment and check it all still works! Having faults in your equipment may have an effect on your paddling days and challenge safe paddling for everyone.

Please do not hesitate if you have any questions about equipment. You know where to find us if you need us!

Josh Askew, Owner at WaterFlow Paddling

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