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Try Something New . . .

Posted by Josh Askew on

Hello to all our blog post followers! We would like to thank you for being apart of our WaterFlow Paddling community and joining us with our chats.

This month's blog post is all about trying something new. We all have the temptation of sticking with the same type of paddling. Whether it be whitewater, sea kayaking, canoeing, standup paddle boarding, slalom or surf ski, we suggest you to try something new.

Through our life on the water we have diversified our paddling. Our Owner Josh began his life on the water on the ocean in a sea Kayak building knowledge of tides, navigation and endurance. This lent its self well to trying the competitive kayak surfing scene where he came last on his first ever kayak surf competition. Oops. Next came open canoe expeditions across one of the highest trafficked commercial boating waterways in Europe. Navigation and understanding how the marine environment operates came in handy when the coast guard decided to come and say hello. 

The next few years evolved into open canoe whitewater exploration and developing fundamental whitewater knowledge. As he ventured into the Canadian dream where world renowned whitewater exists, there was a vast opportunity to develop his whitewater kayaking. Throughout the last few years Josh has, in a friendly competitive environment, tried his hand in plastic boat slalom.

This true story has a simple message . . . Try something new! By trying different disciplines we learn new ways of performing within our own paddling. Each discipline in the paddling community has the beauty of complimenting the others. Whether that be how a surf ski kayaker can paddle forward efficiently or how a whitewater play boating move can directly link to kayak surfing. A technical advantage of for stacking hands when performing a forward paddle stroke in kayaking or canoeing.

Learning and diversifying can strenghten and give you an edge in all your paddling adventures. If you have any question how to develop or challenge your paddling in different disciplines send us an email

Thank you for reading

Josh Askew, Owner at WaterFlow Paddling

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