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The next Step . . .

Posted by Josh Askew on

Now that paddling season is in full swing and you have found last year's flow you might be thinking what is next? In this blog we will have a look at potential developmental steps you can take to further your paddling.

Whether you are new to the sport or not, we all look for the next challenge to further and develop our skills in paddling. If you have just entered the sport now is the time to find connections with the paddling community and seek out a mentor or two. If you have been reading our blog posts you might have taken the advice to join your local club and gain support by attending a beginner course or even a river trip. Joining a club will give you a resource which you can use to get out on the water, learn some fundemental skills and meet new paddlers.

If you are a seasoned pro be sure to develop your skills and find a new adventure. We all have a favourite run and yes, we agree running sessions and developing skills in a place you are comfortable is paramount to skill development, but make sure you venture into something new to try out your new found skills. Teach what you know to the beginners at your local club . . . "Once you can teach a skill, you have truly learnt it".

Development comes in many forms, whether it be pushing your river class or perfecting a certain stroke, we all have something in our paddling repertoire that could do with a little tweaking.

Seriously look into courses outside your normal paddling world to meet with new communities and to gain experience from a different coach and point of view. Find a way to strip down skills and fine tune your strokes.

Paddling is a life choice, as many of you know being on the water can help us relax and develop an area of our life where we can get into nature and hang out with great friends.

The most important part of paddling is to have fun and enjoy what you are doing. We would love to hear about paddling adventures here at WaterFlow.


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