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The Mamquam Report . . .

Posted by Josh Askew on

 In this November blog post we would like to thank you, our devoted customers, followers, likers, taggers and supporters. This past October we had the honour of providing a race for the whitewater community. The Mamquam Race Day was in our opinion a huge success from 10 registrants pre race day to 40 participants on the day astounded us.

Let us begin by thanking you!!! You are what makes us great, we make decisions and move forward because of you and we could not be here without your support. We are overwhelmed by the warm welcome into the community and this feeling drives us forwards to support and develop PaddleSports.

Chilliwack centre of excellence

Our co-hosts the Chilliwack Centre of Excellence performed highly organizing the structured slalom race to begin the first part of the day. Thank you to Marko and Brendan who made this day easy with their knowledge and expertise. We reached out into the community to involve as many people as we could who support the paddling community on their own way.

Raven Rescue

@ravenrescue who supported by sending the famous Jim Douglas, a knowledge source and legend. Also supporting the event by supplying a draw prize of a swift water rescue course.

Boreal river rescue

@borealriver supported the draw prize with yet another swift water rescue course, a valuable resource for any whitewater enthusiast.

Mt canoes

@mtcanoes stole the attention when they arrived with the most stunning composit canoes we have ever seen. Jeff is an amazing founder who has so much passion for PaddleSports. His drive to develop amazing products is inspiring.

We would like to thank Haley Ritchie @squamishcheif newspaper who wrote a great article surrounding the race:

This race truly is built to bring the community together. We were honoured to have every whitewater disciple attend the races. K1, C1, Kayak, Canoe, Standup Paddle; they all showed up to join in this local community event. Here are the race results. So much energy and passion from the competitors went into these times. Maybe next year you can join in the fun?

Mamquam Race Day 2017 race results

From us all at WaterFlow Paddling . . . We thank you all for supporting us in building this event, but most of all thank you for involving us in your lives and paddling community.

Happy Paddling during this short but fun rainy season.

Josh Askew
Owner at WaterFlow Paddling.

Waterflow paddling

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