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Start of Something Amazing ...

Posted by Josh Askew on

Happy New Year 2017 to a world on the water. We brought in the new year with a snowshoe up to Red Heather hut in the Garibaldi national park with friends. How did you spend yours? May we officially say welcome to an epic 2017 paddling season!

Where it all begins for us is the launch of our coaching programs in Kayak and Canoe. We start where we should all start with beginning. Offering comprehensive courses to develop fundamental skills from the base. Here at WaterFlow Paddling we have such a passion for teaching in the outdoors it is hard to put into words, but to teach a person a skill or lesson the hard could potentially use one day in their outdoor lifestyle gives us a huge rush.

As we progress through our year we have the plan to create a range of recreational and professional courses to aid the development of any paddler. With a diverse range of instructors our courses will definitely have something to challenge your ability as beginners or seasoned pro.

Supporting the community, if you have been reading our blogs, is a common theme at WaterFlow Paddling. To offer a service with teaching gives us a prime foothold to give back to the paddling world. Don't be epic afraid my to ask. We will make it happen for you. Going forward into 2017 we will be attending  many, many, many paddling festivals, events and programs showing our support as embassadors of the industry.

With a launch of Wattier Paddle Company into the WaterFlow Paddling Store we are enthralled to have them on board creating works of art for you to use! Welcome! Watch out this spring for a whole new range of gear ready for you to test out in the whitewater, sea and Canoeing world!

So before I complete this blog post for January 2017 I would like to get personal! I am proud ano passionte to server the paddling world. It is my passion to be in the outdoors and love every second. I wanted to share a personal goal for this year with an aim to show that any goal is achievable. I would like to hike at least 5 mountains this summer. This may not seem like a huge goal, but alongside running and developing WaterFlow finding the time can be hard. Setting this off peist target allows me to make the time to reflect and be in the wilderness in a dimension I do not usually venture.

Happy New Year folks, have an amazing year ano paddling season! Let us know your plans anew if we can assist your growth we will be sure to.

Thank you for reading . . .

For the Love of Water.

Josh Askew, Owner at WaterFlow Paddling.

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