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Spring into Action . . .

Posted by Josh Askew on

Hello Paddlers if the world,

we at WaterFlow Paddling have made the conscious decision to write a blog post once every season rather than every month. Firstly it allows us to give you an update wit’s a little more to talk about, secondly we use the time spent on you in courses and building the future resource. 

So far this spring we have been busy . . . Over the next few paragraphs we will give you the lowdown on that’s happening at WaterFlow Paddling and where this year will take us. 

The first course of the season was our brand new course “Back to the Future”, a base progression course build to develop a class 2/3 paddler into a confident and strong class 3 paddler. The reviews were off the charts! Thank you to all the spectacular participant for the glorious reviews. Check those out @ Testimonials. A huge thank you to out amazing instructors, Cody Bartel, Ariana Andrews and Paul Dempsey who not only loved teaching the course but took the course to heart to provide the quality instruction you deserve. 

The second course of the season was the “First Time on a River”, an introduction to whitewater kayaking. The participants had a great time negotiating the ice melt and learning fundamental skills to develop their future paddling careers. 

We have attended the amazing Pinch-O-Creek festival this May Long weekend. What an amazing festival this is. This year we went as participants and support for the United Alberta’s Paddling Society run out of Edmonton where our family from Edmonton reside. The Pincher Creek Festival is held dear to our owners heart as it shows how as a community we can live and support each other from all over Canada. This festival is very well run and has amazing traction. Over 350 paddlers join the event to celebrate the break of the cold and time for a season spent on the river. Thank you to UAPS, Paddle Alberta and Alberta WW for the amazing event. See you next year. 

Pincher creek paddling festival.

Something new we had the pleasure of attending last weekend! The Squamish Paddling Club Expo. This event is designed to bring all local paddlers together to see who is out there supporting the community and how we can be involved in a life on the water. Everyone from governing bodies to supporting stores attended the expo. It showed to us that every paddler is important and deserves resources that give back to the community. Thank you to the Squamish Paddling Club for organizing the event. By the way I may have eaten a lot of Tim bits. 

The finale of our spring activities has to be with the Vancouver Whitewater Club. This year the club as dedicated time its beginners and their development. Since the pool course and sessions in winter they have actively been developing our beginner community on the river through spring melt. Every Wednesday evening the Exec and all supporting leaders have been tuning the infamous “Cap Session”! Beginners, intermediate and lets say more seasoned paddler have been teaching, learning and striving for more structured community. The development of our sport comes from community and supporting the very foundation it sits on. Hats off to the Vancouver Whitewater Club for adding building blocks to the foundation.  


What is to come . . .


This season has just started and we are in full swing with our resource for you. This year we are committed to the paddling world and paddling community. We now offer courses in sea kayak, canoe expedition, whitewater kayak, whitewater canoe, introductions to paddle sport and corporate events. We will be at as many paddling festivals as we can and sponsor many more. We are committed to paddling and passionate about the development of our resource to support you the paddlers of the world. It is truly and honour to be by your side and build together in the paddling community. We thank you for giving us this opportunity. 


For we will you with this thought . . .


Believe in something great and build the future we all deserve. 


For the Love of Water . . .

Josh Askew

Owner at WaterFlow Paddling 

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