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Skye goes to Feather . . .

Posted by Josh Askew on

In this months blog we hand over to our team paddler Skye Vivian who has just returned from his adventures at the 2017 Feather Fest. If you don't know who Skye is, you should. Check out his bio at our "Meet the Team" page.

"Hello my name is Skye Vivian, team paddler at Waterflow Paddling. During the long weekend of September 22nd through the 25th, I had the opportunity to attend the 2017 Feather Fest, an American Whitewater festival on the North Fork Feather River, Sierra Nevada, US.

At first my dad and I went through a lot of deliberation whether it was even possibles to go. . . the commitment of attending was hard, not knowing the river and knowing only a few people made the decision very difficult. After some research the decision was a GO! . . . I was super excited to paddle the North Fork of the Feather river.

The day arrived, my gear was packed and the boat was on the truck! When the time came to leave the stoke was high. On the third as day we arrived we headed straight to scout the Tobin section. Little didn't we know one of the most technical parts of the river. It was very difficult to see due to giant boulders everywhere blocking the sight of the lines, and I was not comfortable to boat scout on a river we knew very little about. Luckiky for us we were meeting up with a friend. We decided to wait until our friends showed up to show us the lines. My dad and I decided to run the Lobin section instead that day. It was the first river that I've paddled that it was necessary to make boofs to safely get down the rapids and it was an exhilarating feeling. The feeling of making the move and linking the river together makes me feel free! I was definitely in the Flow.

Come Friday I was ready to run the Tobin section with our good friend Todd. I was very excited to say the least, but the nerves were definitely kicking in as we got our boats to put in. Luckily my dad and I made the decision not to run the Tobin section the day before, because as we paddled down I had no idea on where we were, following our friend Todd gave me confidence and support as I paddle down the rapids. It was the first class V and the adrenaline was pumping the whole way down . . . I loved it!

Saturday was RACE DAY! I was very skeptical to race due to the fact that I wasn't 100% comfortable on remembering all the lines. I made the conscious decision to not race, not only because I may put myself in danger but it was not fair on safety crew who had the responsibility to rescue paddlers. Looking back on the Feather Fest it was the most exciting and loving event I've had the privilege to attend. American Whitewater puts on the best event in my opinion. The people were very kind and really showed me what the river community is all about."

Skye is an amazing person! His passion and love for Paddling is extremely strong. He is devoted and driven in becoming at the front of PaddleSports and developing his knowledge with every stroke.

Until next time, Tom check out Skey Vivian and follow is adventures on Instagram! @SkyeVivian

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