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The Blog is Back . . .

Posted by Josh Askew on

Welcome back to our blog!!!


In this blog post we will be bringing to you some updates about what we are doing this year and how we have changed a few key components of our operation. Let us show what we have in store for the season and what you can look forward to for your paddling development.

We have moved out office to Chilliwack, BC. WHY? To have a constant access to good developmental whitewater to develop our courses even further to advance your paddling. Our two main course areas for 2019 are here in Chilliwack and  further up the coast in Squamish, BC. Two stunning locations what offer a vast range of rivers promoting a diverse spectrum to teach you those all important skills.

This coming weekend we are excited to be running our "Let's Get Technical" - Intermediate Development Course where we will take the seasoned class II/III paddler and break down their skill set to hone in those all important paddling moves. The aim of this course is to improve confidence while discovering new tools to place in the paddling tool box.

Don't forget we are not only dedicated to current and future development. We are dedicated to bringing new people into our sport. Our "First Time on a River" - Introduction to whitewater kayaking enables a new paddler to feel what whitewater paddling is all about and how they can enter a new sport safely.

What is coming up this year?

Along with our developmental courses we are passionate within ourselves our paddling community. Every Thursday night on the Chillwack River, we have teamed up with the Chilliwack Centre of Excellence to offer mid week river runs with the aim of creating an anchor for our community to build from. We have teamed up with the Vancouver Whitewater Club to help run their beginner river runs, promoting well lead river runs for everyone to be involved in.

The famous Mamquam Race Day will 100% be going ahead on October 19th 2019. Mark the date and get ready for an amazing day of fun racing for any type of paddler. If we donot have the type of race you are looking for . . . contact us! We will build it!

Watch our social media for more awesome video tutorials coming to you very, very soon. We will continue the "Let's Get Knotty" series into whitewater rescue set-ups and bring a new river orientated series showing you and online resource for paddling skill development.

We are here for you! Let us show you how to develop within your paddling world and give you the vital instruction we all deserve to grow as people.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Blog and we hope to hear from you very soon.

Josh Askew, Owner WaterFlow Paddling.

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