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Plan of attack . . .

Posted by Josh Askew on

In this blog post we will be bringing to you the things you should be thinking about when embarking on any adventure. We will try to be short and snappy to hit home some key point you may wish to take on board when planning a tip close to home and further afield.

So here goes . . .

Paddle with a Team

Paddling on your own can be very dangerous, not to mention a little selfish. Just think if you did get into trouble and consequences escalate quickly, who is coming for you? Ultimately it would be down to the authorities and the dedicated team on Search and Rescue. Please think and take a prepared team who are ready to embark on the adventure with you. Why not hire a guide? Take a course?

Prepare yourself for the adventure you are about to take

Being physically and mentally prepared for any adventure whether it be up a mountain or across the sea is vital to your survival. Having the background experience and knowledge can literally mean coming out with an amazing experience or the opposite. Do not be afraid to walk away and rethink your plan!


We all know this time of year has very unpredictable weather conditions. Make a plan and stick to your plan. Know how to read the weather (and not just by using a phone and the weather network). Be prepared with equipment and supplies for changing conditions. Hypothermia is a very serious reality in a Canadian climate.


Having the correct equipment can determine whether you make it or not. Can you spend a night on the bank of a river? Can you navigate to safety in the dark? What if you are required to administer 1st aid? Do you have the skills? Buy the correct equipment to supplement your trip. Do not make do with inadequate supplies.


Being mentally and physically prepared for the journey ahead is not a suggestion it is a necessity. If you haven't paddled for a while take it slow and build up your core fundamentals before diving into where you were at the end of 2017. Be ready for your adventures and have a plan!


An Emergency Action Plan gives you and those you tell a clear plan of how to find you should something go wrong. They are easy to create and can give you the home field advantage if something should arise. If you need an example just ask us. We will be more than happy to show you an example of ours!

When it comes down to paddling you need to be prepared! We have spent a lot of time learning the skills needed to embark on our safe and fun adventures. We are entering the unknown and it is an amazing feeling, but we know we can do it in a safe and skilled manner as to ensure we can explore on many adventures to come!

Be safe on the water and in your paddling world! Thank you for listening.

Josh Askew
Owner at WaterFlow Paddling

P.s. If you are unsure of what steps you should take when planning a journey, send us an email at to discuss how to be prepared!

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