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Get Paddling Ready . . .

Posted by Josh Askew on

We hope you have and an amazing winter season! Whether you have taken a vacation to warmer parts of the world or you have been ripping up some powder on the slopes, welcome back!

First of all we have to share our amazing news! We are bringing VE Paddles to Canada ūüá®ūüᶠ! We are so proud to offer these paddles and look forward to¬†suppling them to Canada. Check them out at

Spring is here! That only means one thing here in the Lower Mainland and that is snow melt. Any day now will be the warmer days and a surge in the water levels, leading to an amazing spring on the water. It opens up beautiful canoe lake adventures and longer days on the open ocean!

We will all undoubtably have a little rust to shake off and buff out, so how are you getting prepared for the 2017 paddling season? 

First of all is an equipment check! Lay all your gear out and marvel at its glory. Now is the time to take action for that upgrade that at the end of last season you were making work. Just to go for it, having a nice new piece of equipment to start the paddling season only makes sense. Whether it's a drybag or drysuit we have you covered!

Make sure you lube your carabiners and look at your ropes! Take time to really look at your PFD and test your equipment to make sure it is in proper working order. If you have any questions just give us a call.

On the equipment subject . . . We are entering one of the the coldest times of year for paddling, well unless you are a diehard and paddle through the winter months. It is definitely time to assess your clothing options to stay warm in these colder days. Make sure you have availability to return to warmth after your paddle. Have a plan for your trip!

Paddling with a little rust takes a little more precaution, taking the early days of the season to build your confidence is important. Why not try paddling a level lower than you ended last season, don't be pushed in to bigger waters, especially if you are rusty from winter! Make sure you know the paddlers you are adventuring with. With the colder temperatures it is a good idea to take precautions to avoid potential hazards or injury. In the coaching world we call this Avoidance is better than the Cure!

There are plenty of resources for you to get back up to speed with your paddling ability. Talk with your local paddle school and clubs to find out about courses and training opportunities. Become familiar with your locals who support the local runs and develop programs to support the community.

May we at WaterFlow Paddling be the first to say, have an amazing 2017 paddling season and hope you have some amazing adventures.


Happy Paddling!

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