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Falling into Fall . . .

Posted by Josh Askew on

Well . . . Fall is here and we are enjoying the raise in water levels and paddling different rivers that have come into play. Getting out with friends and supporting the paddling community is even more fun when you can explore new territory and revisit old challenges. Whether you enjoy the white water rivers, exploring the coastline sea kayaking or tandem canoe around a lake here is something for you to keep you on your toes as Fall surrounds us.

People from different parts of the world may come on the scene as students come back to school and get ready to let off steam, from their studies, out on the water. Let's help them out and support them as they get back into the paddling scene. 

New paddlers joining the scene for up and coming pool sessions, fun fall paddling and getting on the water will need a helping hand for paddling safety, gear supply and kind words of wisdom to progress through the winter months.

Also a word of caution for paddlers immersing into the fall paddling scene:

It's getting colder so layer up. Better to have it and take it off than hit the hypothermic stage with an "oooops!"

If in doubt? Scout it out! Features may have changed, especially in flood. There may be new wood and no one like to be caught out!

Have a solid team you can trust to support you as a paddler!

We all have a season of epic paddling under our belts, well unless you are new, and let's be honest it has been an epic season. Waterfalls, big water, new creeks, coastlines explores and remote lakes paddled. BC is an amazing place to paddle and explore! When we say "For the Love of Water" it is not just a phase to catch your eye, we truly have a love for the water and paddle sports!

As for our Albertan friends who have potentially given up due to the cold weather and submitted into a paddling hybernation! Don't forget about us! Come down and join us in the less cold waters of the lower mainland. We would suggest to still bring your gloves and pogies!

Final Words . . .

Be safe on the water this fall, paddlers of the world! Have fun and enjoy the cold weather. Paddling is the sport we have chosen to drive us to progress and challenge our mental and physical self. Finding the Flow in paddle sports gives us an almost euphoric feeling building our confidence and pushing us to explore more!

Happy Paddling and Happy Halloween! 

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