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Knowing Your Fundamentals

Posted by Josh Askew on

In this blog post, we are talking about a set of fundamental skills learnt at the beginning which will give you a foundation to develop into the paddler you strive to be.

Learning a skill set whether it be kayaking, canoeing or table tennis takes time to build. We use the word build because developing these fundamentals is a building exercise. Starting with the basic stroke break downs and learning the how's and why's will give you a skill set you will never forget.

So, your question might be . . . Where do you start?

First you need to find a mentor! This could be a coach at a local club or someone you trust to get you into a boat. Get moving around and begin to get a feel for your chosen discipline.

Next, take a course in the fundamental steps of how to get the boat where you want it, because believe us when we say, "you will appreciate it when you are on a river".

From here you can begin to explore this new set of fundamentals and use them in different conditions. Begin with moving water (low class maybe a 1 or 2-). Get a feel for your boat and make some mistakes. It is important, however at this stage, that you have a confident and competent leader to guide you in the correct direction.

Once you have been on your fair share of slow moving water, class 2 to 3 is where it's at! This level can be a huge training ground and developmental stage.

Yes, we have condensed what can be a lifetime of paddling into a few short paragraphs, however, the most important knowledge we can pass on is this:

  • Learn fundemental skills
  • Find mentors
  • Build skills slowly
  • Learn how to push your boundaries competently

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