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Pushing your Paddling as a Beginner

Posted by Josh Askew on

In this blog post it is time to chat about different aspects of developing your paddling.

So, you have been out maybe a couple of times and found your stride in the whitewater world. Feels good . . . doesn't it?

The fresh beginners from the winter pool sessions are adventuring out and dipping their toes in the cold snow melt. River leaders, structure your sessions and choose rivers that your beginners can handle; pushing people too fast can be dangerous and confidence crushing. To develop a strong and competent paddle community, we have to build from our beginners.

To the beginners of the paddling world, take it easy. Yes, this sport is fun and an amazing adventure every time you step in your kayak. Learn your skills and develop your fundamentals. This basis will allow you to confidently develop your paddling into a well rounded and competent paddler. Find leaders that focus on developing your paddling and not pushing you to bigger water (that will come with time). 

Dress warm folks; it is still icey snow melt that feeds our rivers which can still affect you when you swim. . . Even on these beautiful days.

Setting goals can be hard, especially for someone who is just deciding whether they like the sport. Don't be so hard on yourself, paddling takes time and is not something to be rushed. Set achievable goals, perhaps you could set a number of river trips for the season?

Finally, find a group of people at your level, learn together and develop as a team. You do it have to become a class V boater over night, take the river as it comes and be eager to develop a series of skills that will increase your ability in all whitewater.

Enjoy this paddling season, it is going to be the most epic one yet!

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