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First River in Spring

Posted by Josh Askew on

In this blog we will be talking about oiling those rusty paddling joints and choosing how to transition yourself back into your favourite sport.

After the long hibernation of winter, the melt is starting and rain is flowing. This gives you the exciting chance to dust of your paddling gear and head to the river. 

Hopefully you have been attending your local pool paddling sessions over the winter months keeping those muscles working. Be good to yourself and be careful. Your gear needs to be checked as does your paddling ability after the winter season. It is a great idea to get on a river at a lower class than you were paddling at the end of last season.

Top Tips:

Check your Gear!

Have a look at your equipment and run a safety check on it. Take off the duct tape and get it fixed. Now is the time to make that repair so you are prepared.

Paddle a Lower Class River!

Warm up to the river of your dreams. No athlete jumps into any sport so why should you. Build up your skill level again (don't worry it won't be as hard as you think)

Take a New Course Early in the season!

Attending a roll clinic, helping out on a basics course or a swift water rescue course, will put you in the mind frame the paddling world. This will get your brain working towards being ready for the first paddle of the season. 

Know your River Environment! 

It's snow melt season!!! This time of year is cold, be prepared and wrap up warm. Now might be the time to think of your cold weather gear as a priority. We will not leave the house without a onesie and DRYSUIT.

Question Yourself!

Sure we all think we are rockstars, we do not disagree . . . All we will say is; think, be humble and set a positive example for paddlers who look up to you.

We all feel a little rusty after a break from any sport. There is no shame taking it slow and transitioning into paddling properly. Let's all promote a safe river life to provide roll models for all the newbies who are fresh from their winter pool sessions.

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